Sinus massage techniquesThe strange, erratic weather patterns of extreme cold to spring-like temperatures are a new phenomenon to which our bodies are adjusting.  Unfortunately, our sinuses take the abuse as a result of these temperature shifts. This kind of  weather can be rough for anyone with sinus issues no matter which season it is.  In addition, the changes in temperature in the winter can be extra taxing on our respiratory system as it is constantly dealing with being indoors with dry, hot radiators to the chilly outdoors.

Often these subtle areas of our bodies are more difficult to sense and are unattended to until there is an issue. It is good to care of the sinuses before they feel discomfort.

Regularly stimulating the sinus area can be very beneficial in preventing stagnation and congestion.  The circulation caused by regular massage can help assist the sinuses with  lymphatic flow and a more optimal level of drainage.

Gently take the finger pads of your fingertips and apply light pressure to your sinuses around the orbit of the eyes under the eyebrow.  Do so not too deeply, but just enough so you feel the effect.  Circular movements work well.  Go from the middle(near your nose) to the outer part as it drains better this way.  By simply tracing the bones that circle around the eyes (i.e. the cheekbones and the forehead) you will touch upon many tension-relieving areas in the sinuses as well as some vital acupressure points. You can also try this technique using your thumbs gently. Your fingers should not get too close to the eyes but always make sure your hands are clean to avoid any infection. This technique can help relieve sinus pressure as well as tension headaches.  Getting circulation to these areas will help clear them and bring vitality to an otherwise stagnant area.

As you make your way around the eye you will probably feel areas that feel really good from the pressure you are placing there- feel free to pause and stay there a few moments.  By stopping and resting there you are giving that area some much needed attention.
As with any of these techniques if you feel pain or too much pressure stop.  This is meant as a light touch technique to help increase circulation. It is helpful to do this in the shower or the bath as the steam helps aid in the drainage.

Above is a self-help technique.   I chose this great video from Youtube to demonstrate how you can use sinus massage to help benefit a child.  I particularly agree with the way she checks in with him to see which techniques he likes best and what he may not have enjoyed.  This creates a great trust and dialogue with a child and gives them the ability to make choices in their healing.  It also encourages and fosters an ability for them to become proactive in their own healing and not simply a passive patient.

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  1. Wow this is helpful. I will massage it now. Thanks for the info!

  2. Yes! The answer is at your fingertips! It works-enjoy. Kathleen

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