massage-on-a-budgetHow can we enjoy the many benefits of massage therapy and acupuncture on a low-budget?  How can we find an affordable massage?  Many people are struggling to pay the high cost of health insurance (if they are fortunate enough to be able to).  Most health insurance does not cover “wellness” treatments or if they do, the coverage is minimal.  Often it works more like a referral service to find therapists nearby.  The insurance company does not pay the initial cost of treatment and this leaves the burden on the recipient to pay out of pocket for their supplemental benefit of taking care of themselves with preventative measures.

Many day spas’ rates are out of reach to most people.  Keep in mind there is overhead, rent, electricity…etc.  So, these costs are justifiable especially in metropolitan areas where rent costs are high.  Still many people are not able to afford it.  Most day spas run specials or participate in spa-week twice a year, .  This is one way to find an affordable massage.  You may be able to meet a Massage Therapist whom you are able to return to in the future.

Many therapists work on a sliding scale.  That is they will adapt their rate according to what is accessible for the client and reasonable for them.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  Oftentimes, therapists are working on a new certification (Reflexology, Cranialsacral therapy, etc) and they may need extra people to use as practice or to log in a certain number of treatments.  If there is a particular pathology involved, it is good to learn and explore from for the therapist and they will be more apt to help you with your issue.  This benefits the recipient as well as the caregiver on many levels.  This is an affordable massage with an extra benefit of being a meaningful massage.

There are therapists who work from home.  The cost will be much less than at a day spa because the therapist is not forced into paying extra rent for an office space.  Finding a therapist you are very comfortable with is important.  When searching, look for a licensed practitioner hopefully with some experience and certification under their belt as this shows a commitment to the profession.  Referrals are usually the best way to find someone competent and caring, so ask around.  Offering affordable massage is how a freelancer stays in business.

Massage schools and acupuncture schools usually offer sessions to the general public for a minimal fee.  Check out the schools, make sure they are accredited, clean and professional.  Keep in mind they do not always accept everyone as a patient (for example if you are  on high blood pressure medication) for legal reasons.  The students are in the final stage of their program and the schools would not allow beginners to work on the general public but there are still legal issues to be aware of.

The benefits of preventative health care is immeasurable.  Please see a detailed explanation of the benefits of massage therapy in my article entitled, Massage Therapy for Optimal Health.  One may gather from it that it is esxtremely worth the time and energy it may take to find affordable massage therapy.

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