chakra-colorsHow can we use colors to stimulate certain aspects of our lives through the chakras color awareness?   When working on growing my business I focused on red for about a year I wore it often (or shades of red, burgundy etc.) and surrounded myself with it for a year- I can say it really helped.  Red is the color that represents the root Chakra-survival, food and shelter-our basic necessities (all requiring money).  Red is known to be a color of “good-fortune”in many Asian cultures-coincidence?

When using color therapy in our wardrobe to energize aspects of our lives the truth is we don’t all look great in all colors.  I cannot wear orange or yellow!  I love these colors. I use them in my home but I look very sallow in them.  The book, “Color me Beautiful” has great guidelines on how to use color to one’s best advantage.  It is often more about the shade or hue of a color than it is about a particular color (exceptions to this exist-like yellow/orange in my case).  It is an interesting and entertaining book.  The photos are dated but helpful just the same.

Black is an interesting case.  Many Image Consultants claim that most people don’t look great in black.  Many people do but the amount of people out there swathed in it is staggering.  Image aside, I can say from experience that black can be very draining to the wearer because it is absorbing by nature.  Black absorbs all the colors of the spectrum (this is why it gets so hot in the sunlight).  White, on the other hand, reflects light.  So, wear black if it becomes you, but as an experiment notice how you feel at the end of a day of wearing it.  Noticing these things consciously can be a useful tool in keeping your spirit uplifted.  Black can also be very soothing and centering when used well and is not over-used.

To remember the colors that correspond to each of the chakras think of the rainbow.  If as a child you were artistic (and even if you felt you were not) you may have learned the rainbow’s colors.  Remember the mnemonic-ROY G. BIV?  It is as simple as that.  ROY G. BIV (red, orange, yellow,green, blue, indigo violet).   Remember the connection to the wonder we felt (and hopefully still do) at seeing a rainbow.  By imagining the rainbows colors in centers of your  body you are in essence connecting to your chakras energy centers.  Light is energy.  The spectrum of the rainbow is light-therefore it is energy. It is that simple.

This table illustrates the seven Chakras, their colors correspondence and their location.

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The photo above is of stones which can be placed over each chakra in order to nourish them.  As one can see the colors are not exactly as I stated.  There is room for variations when it comes to this work.  Use this as a guide but feel free to choose what feels best at a given time.
Visual stimulation is one way to access the chakras centers for positive growth.  You can use many of the senses, sound-tuning forks/singing.  smell- aromatherapy…and on and on.  Yoga is great because it is so connecting for our spirit to matter and body.  See my article, Yoga and the Chakra system.  Think of Color Therapy like ingesting the color into you.  Colors give off a vibration.  Looking at art in a museum or flowers in a garden affects us subconsciously as well as consciously. They have lasting effects and are useful tools in stimulating our moods.

acupunctureRecovering from c-section (like any surgery involving an abdominal incision) is a process by which we need to have our bodies, minds and spirit along for the course to help us achieve optimal healing.  Maybe you felt somewhere along the road your body has “failed” you.  I heard a postpartum woman who had had a c-section say this once and it was disheartening because birth can be such a complicated situation and forgiveness is a first step in true recovery as it releases a lot of anger and other emotions we all hang on to.  Forgiving our body’s imperfections and cradling it by sending it positive messages goes a long way in strengthening  the body-mind connection.  There is also a point where we must forgive our choices in childbirth.  Whether you had a vaginal birth, a c-section or a natural (drug free) birth it is an intense experience and our choices were the best we could make at that given moment.  A great deal of motherhood is making choices and if we constantly second guess and judge them, we will simply be in a stuck place in our mind and not able to enjoy the present moment with our newborns.  How can we truly feel connected in body-mind and spirit without love and acknowledgment of all three?  Acupuncture is a holistic practice that is  effective in  clearing our negative emotions and connecting us so that we feel more connected-literally.  This connectedness through acupuncture helps immensely on our road to recovery.

For a long time after my c-section (almost a year) I had a numbing and often itchy sensation around my scar.  It was a daily discomfort and my doctor said it was “normal” but had no suggestions for relief.  I tried several creams for scar tissue healing but to no avail.  Finally, I began seeing an acupuncturist, Dr.Hyun Lee L Ac. of Woodside acupuncture and after about six weeks of weekly visits, I was feeling much more comfortable and all the previously mentioned symptoms had dissolved.  Dr. Lee explained to me that any surgery that involves an incision can and often interferes with the energetic pathways of the acupuncture meridians.  Since Acupuncture is based upon the principal that our Qi (life force) flows throughout the body along pathways that correspond to major organs and emotions throughout the body.  If there is a major obstruction of the pathway it can cause stagnation and a stuck feeling and this is probably what contributed to my symptoms.  Through the use of fine needles, magnetic therapy, moxabustion and certain gentle “shock” impulses she helped to re-connect the meridians.  My healing expedited and I was recovering better. The subtle energetic pathways of the body have always been with us and are only recently being scientifically “proven.”  Chinese Medicine and most notably the existence of the meridians has been around for thousands of years.  I doubt it would have stuck around this long if it didn’t work.  Always be sure to go to a licensed professional that you have a good report with.