havenNestled in the bustling side-streets of SoHo is a true Haven amongst the busyness and at times, this chaotic center of shopping, restaurants and art galleries.  Haven has been around since 1998 and is one of New York’s original and affordable day spas. The ambiance here is incredible in that as one walks through the halls it  feels less like a spa in SoHo and more like a retreat in a remote and quiet place in New Mexico.  Haven is gently well lit and inviting with warm hues of mauve and plum.

I have enjoyed a variety of services here as I proudly was employed for five years at this spa.  This makes me favorably biased which is a good sign.  Not everyone can recommend places they were previously employed.  The owners have diligently put together a spa menu that is a head to toe fantastic and rejuvenating experience.  From body treatments to specialized manicures and pedicures.  I witnessed them consistently experiment till they would find the right combination of essential oils, scrubs and other delicious products for their services.  It would be difficult to review all the services offered here but I recommend Haven highly as a full service spa for grooming and relaxing.  Waxing is also available with both regular and organic wax for sensitive skin.

The cost for a one hour massage is $115.00 which is well under other competitors in the neighborhood.  As mentioned, the ambiance here is artistically relaxing especially considering its central location.  Their customer service is very good as is the hygiene.  A special recommendation about the facials offered is that they really have exceptional esteticians so it is worthwhile to check them out.  The facials start at $110.00 for the one hour Remedy Facial.  The Products used in the facials are a choice of Yon-ka or Sonya Dakar.  Both tried and true lines.  Haven also carries it’s own line of massage oils that are quite good.

A word about the locker room and changing area is that because it is small you must change in the bathrooms.  This can be time consuming if it is busy.  Always arrive early to give ample time to change in a restful and non stressful way.   Generally, it is not a problem and once you are settled the lounge area is very comfortable.



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