It is an unsettling time to feel stress at work.  With the current economic climate most people who have  jobs are considered the lucky ones.  It is human to feel burn out on any job but essential to find alternatives as burnout can lead to depression, under-productivity and creates a negative atmosphere for those who suffer from it as well as to those around them.  Therefore, it is important to try to address it before it becomes a real issue.

Professional development courses in any field will refresh, deepen and re-energize your enthusiasm for what you do.  It is a great prevention and cure for burnout.  Burnout can happen in any field.  Usually in some of our most altruistic and important professions for our collective community i.e. nursing, teaching, etc.)  Burnout can be difficult for someone who has spent vital years, money and energy on a given profession.

This is different from evolving into or changing professions.  Something which is often a priority given that we need to grow and evolve as humans.  Burnout feels like one is in a rut.  When one feels like they are going through the motions in their work and not living presently.

1.  Curiosity!  Keeps us alive.  Trying out diverse approaches to your work may help break any monotony related to it.

2.  Re-connect to why you chose that profession in the first place.  Even if it was simply for the money, there must have been a teacher or a mentor that helped to fuel your enthusiasm for it.  The internet is so loaded with information on everything.  There may be some inspiration gleaned from a simple Google search.

3.  Public spaces such as parks and museums can give a break in the day or on the weekend.  These places can break our minds of  routine.

4.  Taking care of your health through a nutritional diet and regular exercise will do wonders for your energy level.  Remembering self-care is especially important in trying times.

After trying some solutions out, re-evaluate and see if it is possible to evolve into something new.  After all no one benefits from your being burned out.  Not your clients, those close to you and certainly not yourself.

Holding oneself and one’s own professionalism in high regard creates self esteem.  Try not to fall victim to perfectionism (i.e. self judgment and self-criticism).  Measuring oneself against others will crush your productivity and your willingness to create.  So, take time to address your current state of feeling burnout.  It is well worth the attention.

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  1. Auntie EM on January 25, 2010 at 1:10 pm said:

    EXCELLENT and beautifully composed

  2. Thanks, Auntie Em!
    I’m glad you enjoyed it.
    be well,

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