reiki healingREIKI is a Japanese word meaning “universal life energy”. The syllable REI reflects the cosmic dimension, the unlimited nature of this potential while the syllable KI means life energy. Reiki therefore means universal life force. This force is inexhaustible, it is an uninterrupted flow. It is the energy of the cosmos, the force that provides life and sustains everything that lives in our world: men, animals, plants. Maybe you heard of tai chi or aikido? Syllables ki or chi energy are synonymous as in the word Reiki. In other cultures using different concepts such as light
or the Holy Spirit (Christianity) we talk about bioplasma bioenergy (Russian research) or Prana (Hinduism and Buddhism). Reiki is a natural therapeutic method that was rediscovered in the mid-nineteenth century by Mikao Usui, hence the name given to medical knowledge: Usui system,a healing process based on the laws of nature. The most simple and concrete to describe

Reiki is the art of channeling the life energy of the cosmos by the laying on of hands. When Reiki is activated and applied for medical purposes, it communicates with the body, mind and spirit. It increases the body’s ability to relieve symptoms, physical manifestations of the disease and reveal the soul and spirit of the causes of a medical condition, suffering, an existential malaise, inhibitions. It is necessary that you update the underlying causes of a psychological problem or physical condition to take your life fully, and thus be able to taste the joy and happiness that comes from a healthy balanced diet. Reiki is also a way to guide you in your spiritual journey ….Reiki is a method that is both gentle and effective which will allow you to discover your spiritual vocation and the meaning of your life. Reiki creates in you a feeling of unity, a sense of merging with others, with all humanity and Mother Earth.

Reiki gives you the impression of being all over “familiar territory”. Western Reiki treatment is a kind of large-scale treatment;Japanese intuitive treatment is specifically directed we are more accurate in our work, more results will be good, in a natural way. In Japan, the way Reiki is seen as a way of life which runs through the year until the end of the life of a person.
Sometimes a student in Japan do not get the Second Degree of Reiki after ten or twenty years of practice. And the majority of students never reached high levels. They were and remain students. Here in the West, Reiki has taken a direction that corresponds more to our culture. People meet one day or a weekend to learn the First Degree.
Often they do not have enough time to learn to listen to their bodies, their hands and intuition. While this is bad, it is simply impossible for many students. Western Reiki and teachers, to get in touch with this energy in another way. Life “in the fast lane” of Western civilization (I also include the lifestyle of modern Japanese) takes place at high speed. Many of us do not have enough time and want to have immediate what we have laid our sights.

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