“Sensible” :

Dictionary definition:
1: of a kind to be felt or perceived: as a: perceptible to the senses or to reason or understanding
2 a: capable of receiving sensory impressions b: receptive to external influences : sensitive
3 a: perceiving through the senses or mind : cognizant ; also : convinced by perceived evidence : satisfied b: emotionally aware and responsive c: conscious4: having, containing, or indicative of good sense or reason

Simply put:

It is about listening to our senses!  This website is devoted to a holistic lifestyle, wellness and parenting.
To live sensibly is a balancing act between taking in the information we receive (which these days can be info overload) and checking into what our inner truth tells us. We are constantly receiving inner and outer input. Unfortunately, in our current societal systems of teaching we are taught to seek wisdom and advice from outside ourselves instead of checking into the greater, simpler truths that lie within ourselves. I hope that these articles will help guide you into listening to your own internal wisdom. It is a lifelong practice and at times we are clearer than others. To be sensible is to hear external information and than adapt it to your own life in a way that suits YOU. We are all individuals in a collective experience. Sensible does not mean BORING at all-the opposite!  It is being true to yourself. Somewhere I heard that information is not wisdom. It is only when we integrate knowledge intelligently and kindly into our lives that it changes and heals us.

About me:

My name is Kathleen Tipton.  I am a Graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as well as a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997 and have a private practice in New York City.  I trained at The Swedish Institute in New York City and with the Upledger Institute in Cranial-Sacral Therapy since 2001.  My approach has always been custom-tailored to the client-client centered work.  I help to strengthen them on various levels.  I feel my job is to facilitate their bodies’ own self-healing mechanisms.  This takes my role as “healer” out of it and empowers their own intuition and insight in the work.  They have often told me that I’ve helped them in many ways and I decided to share some of my experience at viewing issues from a heart-centered perspective.

I am also an actor.  I trained at Stella Adler Conservatory and with Larry Moss.  My training is in classical theater and I have worked in theater, televisionand on film.   Most notably,  on Law and Order SVU with Christopher Meloni and in Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman with Jane Seymour.  Some Theater credits include, Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov , as Natasha at the Chocolate Factory and as a founding member of the Yorkshire Pudding Players in Los Angeles and a member with The Shaw Project in New York City.  I have participated as an actor in Dr. William Schimmel’s annual Accordion Seminars for over a decade and worked with choreographer and director, Micki Goodman-Schimmel.  I studied with director Karen Kohlhaas at the Atlantic theater.

I feel Acting and Healing work are very similar in that they both involve being in the present moment with another human being.  One is more external and the other is more internal.   Or extroverted and Introverted!  They both share a sense of clarity and simplicity.

I think my greatest teachers will prove to be my daughter, Laila Joan, born in March 2008 and my son Amin Lewis, born in November 2010.


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